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October 23th   Initial Update

Well folks, here it is... the Ugly Cousin website.  The place for all your official news and info regarding the goings on of the band, plus you can get all your Ugly Cousin merchandise right here.  We'll update as promptly as we can to get you the info that you're looking for and don't forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube! 

October 30   The Album officially drops!

Lil' Bear will makes it's debut on the world stage 10/30/2015!  The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, etc..., etc... ad nauseum.  Help us out by at least dropping by iTunes that day and playing a few sample tracks to help us generate some activity.  Oh... it's okkay to buy the album too.  Just Sayin...

New Merchandise Coming Soon!

Yes we have great merchandise available in our store right now, but look for more in the coming months!  As we work with the mighty creative people that we know to come up with more and more options for you show your love for the band, this will be the place to come and get it!  That's right... Display your Ugly Love proudly!

OCT 24

Private show

NOV 14

Mountain Music and Medicine Show at the Historic Holly Theatre, Dahlonega GA

NOV 26

Turkey legs aren't just for country fairs!

DEC 25

If you hear strange noises coming from downstairs... It's just your Ugly Cousin

DEC 31

May old aquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind... (please let this happen, oh.. and look for a show)

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